My Creative Supply Recommendations

Want to know what art supplies and craft tools I use? Check out my full guide below of everything I have in my home and roaming studio! From creative tools to my favourite business tools I use to run my business. I hope you find this helpful! 

This page does contain some affiliate links, which means if you click and purchase an item, I will receive a small commission as a thank you from the retailer, but it is at no extra cost to you :-)


Art Supplies

Brush sets

  • I go through a lot of brushes, and I am a nightmare and taking good care of them! So I opt for the mid to low end of the market when it comes to buying brush sets. This is one of my favourite ones to buy (click here). They are a set of 9 and ideal for mixed media painting. 

Fine detail brushes

  • I LOVE doing little hidden details in my paintings. This brush set is my absolute fave! Its by Winsor & Newton (click here), and its ideal for little stars, glints in eyes, and veins on leaves. 

Watercolour paints

  • I have been using the Winsor & Newton Watercolour set my Grandad brought me on my 10th birthday still to this day. I have replenished the paint cakes many times, and its my treasured paint set (click here). 

Metallic watercolour paints

  • I am OBSESSED with these! I have brought many a cheapy set over the years, but I find that they are always thin and translucent, or the pigment does not transfer well to paper or once dried, it kinda just disappears. So this set was a splurge but it was worth every penny! Plus it comes in the most wonderful PINK TIN! (click here). 


  • Oh these are such beautiful paints to work with! It was love as soon as I used them. I use a 24 pack from Turner (click here).

Watercolour / Gouache paper

  • This is another area not to cut corners. There is lots of cheep watercolour paper out there, but it cripples, bubbles, rucks up or holds the paint in a funny way (bad for washes). My Grandad always said to 'buy good paper and it can make the simplest painting look amazing!). So my go to is Strathmore paper (click here). 

 Ink / smooth paper

  • I love me my watercolour paper texture, but there are times when I need a smooth as a babies bum paper. This Bristol paper is ideal for pen, ink, sketching, graphic pens (click here). 

Sketching pencils

  • I use light weight pencils to lightly sketch out my designs, and I want to use as light a pencil so its easier to rub out and ink/paint over. There are many great sets out there, and I go through them so fast (partly because Luna runs of with them and chews them!), here is the set I am currently using (click here). 

Graphic pens

  • I go through a set nearly every two months of theses and I am OBSESSED! I have now settled on using the Micron Pens as my go to set (click here). So many different sizes and nib shapes, they are a dream.

Notebook / sketch book

  • Cricky I am a sucker for a Moleskine notebook! I have them as my diary, planner, journal and have note books in so many sizes. They are just so pretty and practical (my two favourite P's!). Its great as they are hardback too, so as time goes on no horrible bend pages on previously sketched out ideas (click here). 

Click erasers

  • Surely a rubber is just a rubber right? Wrong! I have tried putty rubbers, yellow rubbers and everything else in-between. These bas boys are click erasers. Because I sketch out all my paintings and illustrations before hand, I love these because I can erase small and fine areas (click here). They are a game changer!

Tech Supplies

MacBook Air

  • Yep I know its super Millennial but I couldn't do without it. All my social planning, calendars, project plans etc are all on here, all synced to my phone, with reminders. I am severely dyslexic, and organisation is key, so that I make as little mistakes as possible (click here). Its perfect for my handbag, and it comes everywhere with me (along with my I-pad, I know its a lot, but it means I am always ready to organise, showcase and work with ease). 

iPad 8th generation

  • I got this as it was perfect for my transitioning into creating logo's and taking on design commissions. there is an app called Procreate which is only compatible with the iPad (click here). 

Apple Pencil

  • Ohhhhh this is sooooo beautiful! I swear its which craft! Its for use with my iPad and Procreate (click here). Make sure you get the pencil compatible with your iPad, some older ones won't work together. 


  • I scan in all of hand illustrations and paintings into this Epson Scanner. Its the best for a crisp copy, so you can work on your design in Procreate and digitise your artwork for print (click here). 

Phone tripod

  • I use this when recording birds eye view videos for my courses, and to time-lapse my artwork in creation (click here). 

Software & Apps


  • When I am create a digital drawing, or I want to draw on my iPad, I use the app Procreate. Its soooo much fun! (click here). 


  • I love this app, I have used sooooo many different apps for editing my social media images, many I have paid way too much money for, but this one has so many amazing filters and functions even just on the free plan (click here). 


  • I use the Canva Pro. Its really worth it. I can't stress it enough. you can remove the backgrounds of images, create great digital collages, reformat sizes, formats and soooooo much more (click here). 


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