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I wrote this blog article to help give you some Inso and guidance for how to apply and use eco glitter on both body and in arts and crafts. 

If any of you know me, you will know my years of working a freehand body artist, has lead me to a life long loooovveeee of glitter! I use it on my body for festivals and events, and in my art work too. So it brings me great joy, to share with you all my Christmas Eco Glitter Kit, and below my hints, tips and insp.

Happy sparkle life!

Face, Body & Hair Application...

Hair Application

  1. Take an old tooth brush and dip it in your tin of organic aloe vera (just like in my Christmas Eco Glitter kit

  2. Slide it through the area you want to apply the glitter (roots look lush!)

  3. Then dip your tooth brush back in the glitter you want to use and dap it along the aloe vera

  4. It will dry in 30 mins, and go slightly hard as the Aloe dries

  5. To remove, simply wash out with your normal shampoo


Body & Face Application

  1. The same steps apply however for the face you may want to a larger brush to covers a bigger area. One pot from my kit is plenty to do an arm and a chest. 
  2. I advise using the lid of one of your glitter tins as a mixing palette and dabbing some Aloe Vera in and mixing in your favourite eco glitters, and then applying your mix straight to your desired area. 


Safety information for body application

  • Do not apply to damaged or inflamed skin or scalp

  • Not recommended for use around the eyes or mouth

  • If the product gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water. If problems persist then see medical attention. 

  • Although my eco glitter is purchased from a reputable seller and is free from 14 of the most common allergens, including gluten, I recommend performing a patch test before use. 

x7 Arts & Crafts Eco Glitter Inspo Projects

  1. Sprinkle some onto your Christmas cards for added sparkle
  2. Mix with PVA and paint onto your old flower pots to brighten them up (it looks lush just painted round the rim)
  3. Mix with your favourite poster paint and paint a super bright sparkly rainbow
  4. Mix in with your varnish, and paint your final pottery glaze with glittery wonderfulness
  5. Mix into your hair gel and have a glittery pot of hair product at the ready
  6. Paint a  Christmas tree and sprinkle the wet paint with glitter to make it look like tinsel 
  7. Use PVA glue to paint a circle and then sprinkle with eco glitter to create a Christmas ball ball, or sparkly moon




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